Who We Are

As the premier Woman’s Health Clinic in Northeast Louisiana, we are structured to meet the healthcare needs women face in today’s world.  Our team of five board certified physicians and four women’s health nurse practitioners are here to treat a variety of symptoms and provide many different services.

Our Story

Over 60 years of providing the best healthcare for women.

Over fifty years ago, The Woman’s Clinic of Monroe was established by Dr. Richard Vines and Dr. Ed Brown. Dr. Vines and Dr. Brown began practicing together in 1961 and were a part of a group of doctors that purchased an office building in the early 1960’s at the corner of Catalpa and Jackson Street. In the late 1960’s, the clinic began to grow and formally incorporated to become The Woman’s Clinic, Inc.

Dr. James Wolff joined the clinic in 1970 and contributed significantly to the success of the corporation. The Physicians and Surgeons Medical Complex is named in his honor. The clinic continued to flourish and attracted Dr. Ronald Shemwell. This team of hardworking physicians grew a fast growing obstetrics/gynecology practice.

Over the past sixty years, The Woman’s Clinic has grown to become the premier provider of obstetrics/gynecology in Northeast Louisiana.


Our core values drive everything that we do.


We interact with a variety of patients, physicians, and others at The Woman’s Clinic.  Each one is going to have their own set of feelings, wishes, and traditions.  We value this diversity and believe that it helps to make us a stronger clinic.  Every patient and employee is important and is to be treated as such.  


We value using the right platforms at the right time to get our patients and coworkers the information they need in the time frame in which they expect it.  We make ourselves available to our patients and coworkers.  


We believe everyone should be committed to learning, educating, and continuing to improve in order to elevate not just the standards of the clinic but their own personal standards. We use technology, our collective intelligence, and out of the box thinking to improve outcomes. 


We seek to understand first. We listen and ask questions.  We evaluate each situation from different points of view and don’t assume we have all the answers.  People don’t always remember if they were right but they remember when someone made them feel wrong.  We don’t want anyone to feel that way.     

Our Team

Our amazing team of providers

Our Partners