Well Woman Exam

A Well Woman exam is a proactive way for women of all ages to enjoy good health!


Well Woman Exam

A well woman exam is a proactive way for women of all ages to enjoy good health! Partnering with your gynecologist for your yearly exam is designed to not only encompass the routine pap smear and breast exam, but provide a complete health update. An important way to stay healthy is to have regular gynecology exams beginning at age 21, or within 3 years of becoming sexually active.

The Woman’s Clinic is dedicated to taking care of today’s woman to ensure our patients experience great health for years to come. A Well Woman exam covers the following:

·      Physical exam including a pelvic and breast exam, and a pap smear according to ACOG guidelines.

·      A review of your record and update of any changes in your physical and mental health.

·      An update of your active medications and family history.

·      Administering necessary immunizations, such as Flu and HPV.

·      Evaluate the need for age-appropriate testing, such as mammogram and dexa screenings.

·      Discussion of sexual health and contraception needs.

·      Discussion of family planning goals.

Genetic screenings based on personal and family history of cancer. Are you at risk? Click here to take the quiz.

The Woman’s Clinic offers convenient online appointment requests through our patient portal for established patients. New patients can also message us via the contact us section on our webpage.