Mental Health Counseling

The Woman’s Clinic offers wholistic therapy and professional counseling services


Mental Health Counseling

The Woman’s Clinic offers wholistic therapy and professional counseling services caring for the whole client, the biopsychosocial individual within their relationships and lived experiences. Therapy and counseling provided focuses on how an individual's personal relationships, behavior patterns, and life choices are interconnected with the issues they face in their life. Therapy services provided may help individuals understand the ways their emotional life affects how they interact with others. The Woman’s Clinic provides a safe and confidential space to talk about personal issues that may be too painful or difficult to share with others and provides insights into relationships. Presenting issues addressed include Perinatal mental health such as postpartum anxiety & depression, mood disorders (depression and anxiety), emotional regulation (anger/stress management), relationship enrichment, relationship issues and difficulties, eating disorders, PTSD, acute stress disorder and more.

Benefits of therapy/counseling may include:

  • greater self-understanding by exploring one’s own patterns of thoughts, actions, and emotions which may lead to developing healthier relationships
  • understanding of different perspectives and constructs which may affect and impact mood and behaviors
  • an opportunity for individuals to be empowered in their own lives
  • relationship skills of conflict resolution, effective and efficient communication, all of which may foster more loving and fulfilling relationships
  • helps individuals identify their core beliefs
  • Identification of strengths/resources which may lead to improved self-worth, value and confidence
  • develop greater empathy for others, which is essential for healthy relationships with parents, partners, and children
  • learning to work together within the family for the benefits of each member.

Katherine and Marley are professionally educated and trained in both systemic marriage and family therapy and counseling. Perinatal mental health disorders are of specific focus and treatment. Reconciling, repairing, and enriching relationships are specialized services provided by marriage and family therapists (MFT). Therapy modalities include individuals, couples, significant relationships, and families. Therapy provided can be live in-person or via telehealth.