How Sublime Skin Rejuvenation Reduces Wrinkles

Learn how Sublime Skin Rejuvenation works to reduce facial wrinkles.

I don’t know about you, but I do not consider virtual events to be a ton of fun. In my 50s, honestly, I would much rather have an in-person event that I can attend with friends and have a good time. I will say however,I ended up being invited to attend The Woman’s Clinic’s virtual cosmetics open house a couple months ago…they were giving away so many things! As luck may have it, I won a free Sublime Treatment! But wait…what is that exactly?

For that search, Google wasn’t exactly my friend. It told me that Sublime is a non-invasive, wrinkle reduction procedure used to tighten areas with mild skin laxity using bipolar radio frequency resulting in a youthful appearance. Well…that sounds like something I want, but does it actually work?What are the results? How much does it usually cost if I need or want more treatments?

I called The Woman’s Clinic and was transferred to Claire, the cosmetics nurse, to discuss and book my procedure and talk about future pricing. I learned over the phone call that this procedure has zero downtime, no medication needs, and is commonly known as a “Red Carpet Facial,” because people often have the procedure and then go straight to their fancy event. I am open toBotox but taking blood thinners leaves me with bruising that lasts almost as long as the actual Botox effects, so that is not a great option for me. I have also done chemical peels in the past, but as a working professional I don’t like the peeling effects on my face during work. As far as cost is concerned, they have packages of 3 that give you a savings versus doing individual treatments. The packages of three cost anywhere from $650 (saving you $250) up to $1,200 (saving you $450) depending on the size of the area. Also, you can use this treatment on areas of the body other than the face.

The day of my procedure, I left the office with no evidence that I had any procedures done on my face! No bruising, scabs, scarring, redness, or peeling. The visit lasted about forty-five minutes, but I also spent time buying ZO Skin Health products and talking about other cosmetic services they have to offer. I did not know they had so many! Did you know you can purchase your ZO from The Woman’s Clinic over the phone and pick it up from any one of the office locations? For about two days after the procedure, I had some plumping throughout my face which later transitioned into tightening of the sagging skin and wrinkles, thanks to what Claire called collagen remodeling triggered by the treatment.

I will say…after my procedure all my friends and family asked what I had done. The results were fantastic. I have already booked my next treatment!

For more information on Sublime and the chance to win free products, join The Woman’s Clinic for a Facebook live event at 7 PM, Thursday,July 15th. Or contact us today to schedule your free consultation with Claire.